Stellarium Portable 0.15.0

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Observe the planetarium from any PC with this portable version of Stellarium.

As the name suggests, Stellarium Portable is the portable version of what has become a very popular astronomy utility called Stellarium. That means you can look at the stars wherever you are. But if you are worried that a portable version of a program means missing out on some of the important content, think again. Stellarium Portable comes equipped with all the main features of the normal version, including constellation charts, the names of all the stars and planets you can see, and much more.

Stellarium Portable has the benefit of being open source, so it is a continuous state of development and improvement by not only the original developers but also the users themselves.

Stellarium Portable shows you the sky in very realistic 3D, as if you were looking at it outside. That means you get amazing detail wherever you look. It includes data on 600,000 stars (with more available to download), 15 constellations, nebulae, the Milky Way and even sunrises and sunsets.

Stellarium Portable includes useful tools like a zoom, fish eye projections for a Planetarium effect, shooting stars, various simulations, a wealth of customization options and much more.

Stellarium Portable can be run on any PC or laptop, and will not leave any trace behind of your usage there. And best of all is that you can download it for free. What are you waiting for?


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